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Jigme Datse's Journal

Musings of a Mad Koala

Jigme Datse
15 October 1973
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Well here goes. I thought I'd changed this. I guess it didn't take, or I did something "wrong". Anyway, there's a lot going on in my life. That seems to be almost a constant. I've taken refuge, and have started using my refuge name a lot. So now I'm going by Jigme Datse, and am really wondering about gender. Do I need to say that I'm female, because I have so much difficulty with identifying with being male. I think I'll try out the non-gendered thing for a bit. But still, I'm going to get that surgery. Maybe that's an important thing in terms of just being more comfortable with who I am. More it's a matter of choosing that if I must be gendered, I want to be able to be open, and sadly being mixed gendered won't allow that in this society. We are a highly gendered society, and we're afraid that someone might get the idea that gender isn't as important as the world (Canadian culture) says.

Jigme Datse